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Reduce Your Time to Conceive by Half!

Reduce Your Time to Conceive!
For most fertile couples, it takes on average about 6 cycles to get pregnant. When you use the Attain Fertility® Planner and time intercourse to coincide with your fertile period, the average time to conceive is reduced by half!*

Developed by renowned fertility expert Toni Weschler, MPH, author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, this software application has been approved by the US FDA as a fertility diagnostic device.

The Attain Fertility Planner is FREE and can help you reduce the time to conceive.


Attain Fertility Planner Features

  • Determines your current fertility using simple body signs.
  • Highlights when you are most fertile and when you have ovulated.
  • Projects future fertility and ovulation so you can time intercourse optimally.
  • Tracks and incorporates the results of ovulation tests, fertility monitors, and pregnancy tests.
  • Keeps track of all medications, supplements, ovulation test and pregnancy test results.
  • Suggests when it's time to see a fertility specialist.
  • Charts can be shared with friends, an Attain Fertility Clinic, or your healthcare provider.
*Recent medical studies have shown that there are only 6 days in each cycle where intercourse may lead to pregnancy. For the normally fertile woman who knows when these days occur, the average time to conceive is 3 months. That means that by simply knowing when you are fertile and having intercourse on these days, you may reduce the time to conceive by half.